Dublin Literary Award Shortlist: My Name is Lucy Barton

The author tells a story both beautiful and haunting, revealed piecemeal through the memories and conversations of a mother and her adult daughter.… This is a deceptively simple novel that uses its sparseness to ensure each word and sentence are weighted to provide a taut, compelling novel.

Lovely to find MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON on the shortlist for the 2018 International Dublin Literary Award.

Publisher's Weekly: Best Books 2017: Fiction

Nice to see ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE on Publishers Weekly's Best Books 2017: Fiction list.

In this excellent, emotionally wrenching novel in stories, the residents of Amgash, Ill., and the surrounding communities, who were offstage characters in My Name Is Lucy Barton, are given voice.
"Best Books 2017: Fiction"
Publisher's Weekly, November 1, 2017