Anything Is Possible

New Yorker Profile: Elizabeth Strout’s Long Homecoming

Strout has an aesthetic as spare as the white Congregational church, where her father’s funeral was held. The dramatic turns are understated — tone on tone — but the characters are nearly bursting with feeling. One of the central agonies of their lives tends to be an inability to communicate their internal state. It’s as if they needed Strout as an interlocutor.
— Ariel Levy, New Yorker
"Elizabeth Strout’s Long Homecoming"
Ariel Levy, The New Yorker, April 24, 2017

Washinton Post: Where forgiveness and wisdom grow

Omission is where you find what makes a writer a writer; it is in the silences where forgiveness and wisdom grow, and it is where Strout’s art flourishes. This new book pushes that endeavor even further.
— Susan Scarf Merrell, Washington Post
"‘Anything Is Possible’ demonstrates what Elizabeth Strout does best"
Susan Scarf Merrell, Washington Post, April 24, 2017

Guardian: A shimmering masterpiece of a book

Anything Is Possible is not exactly a sequel, but it does feature Lucy Barton as one of the characters. Set in and around Barton’s home town of Amgash, Illinois, this is a shimmering masterpiece of a book. It is a novel told in a series of interconnected stories, each featuring a tale of small-town life that illuminates a more profound truth.
— Elizabeth Day, The Guardian

Boston Globe: Grace-filled and graceful

“Anything Is Possible’’ confirms Strout as one of our most grace-filled, and graceful, writers.
— Anthony Domestico, Boston Gobe, April 21
"‘Anything Is Possible’ for lives seeking a chance for change"
Anthony Domestico, The Boston Globe, April 21, 2017

SF Chronicle: “Anything Is Possible” is both sweeping in scope and incredibly introspective

In its entirety, “Anything Is Possible” is both sweeping in scope and incredibly introspective. That delicate balance is what makes its content so sharp and compulsively readable.
— Alexis Burling, SF Chronicle, April 19, 2017
"‘Anything Is Possible,’ by Elizabeth Strout"
Alexis Burling, San Francisco Chronicle, April 19, 2017