Olive Kitteridge Wins Italy's Premio Bancarella Award

Italian edition of  Olive Kitteridge , published by Fazi.

Italian edition of Olive Kitteridge, published by Fazi.

200 Italian booksellers voted Olive Kitteridge and Elizabeth winner of the Premio Bancarella award in the medieval Piazza della Repubblica in Pontremoli, Italy.  Elizabeth scored 100 votes of 187 cards received, surpassing the five other finalists books: Love SOS by Federica Bosco (Newton Compton) by 31 votes, The Box of Socks Lost by Vauro Senesi (Piemme) by 28 votes,   The National Mean by Mimmo Gangemi (Einaudi) by 16 votes, The Murderess Leaves Something  by Rose Mogliasso (Salani) by 7 votes, and Confession by Bill James (Seller) by five votes.