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Just The Right Book Podcast: Elizabeth Strout Knows "Anything is Possible"

One of Roxanne's favorite authors, Elizabeth Strout joins Just the Right Book Podcast to talk about her latest novel, Anything is Possible. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author also gives us the scoop on the Emmy Award-winning HBO series, Olive Kitteridge (based on Strout's book of the same name) and shares her thoughts on Frances McDormand as the title character.
Ep 36: Elizabeth Strout Knows "Anything is Possible"
Just The Right Book Podcast
July 26, 2017

The Diane Rehm Show: Readers’ Review: “Olive Kitteridge” (rebroadcast)

Honored to be back (in absentia) on The Diane Rehm Show! A discussion of Olive Kitteridge.

Author Elizabeth Strout describes Olive as “ferocious and complicated and kindly and sometimes cruel. In essence … a little bit of each of us.” Today the book has gained renewed attention with a recent HBO miniseries adaptation, starring Frances McDormand. For this Readers’ Review: we listen back to our discussion of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Olive Kitteridge.
— The Diane Rehm Show: Readers’ Review: “Olive Kitteridge” Novelist Elizabeth Strout Talks About 'The Burgess Boys'

The novel “The Burgess Boys” took the nation by storm last year. This month, the novel is available in paperback....

Elizabeth Strout visited with the Texas Standard’s Emily Donahue to talk about her book. Listen to their conversation in the audio player below.
Emily Donahue,

NPR: 'Burgess Boys' Author, Like Her Characters, Finds Refuge In New York

On a late winter afternoon, Strout visited Parke Slope, the Brooklyn neighborhood where much of the story is set. "This is Sixth Avenue, and Seventh Avenue is kind of like the Main Street of town, or it used to be," she says as the gray day fades into twilight.

It's been many years since Strout lived in Park Slope. But this is where she settled not long after she left Maine — a decision she says her family never really accepted.

'Burgess Boys' Author, Like Her Characters, Finds Refuge In New York
NPR, All Things Considered
Lynn Neary
April 3, 2013